Root Detection is one of the most common client-side protection techniques used by Android Application developers. During a penetration test, it is often required to bypass root detection to be able to effectively pentest the application. In this article, we are going to cover root detection and emulator detection bypass techniques, which can be helpful for both pentesters as well as developers. First, we will begin by understanding what root detection and emulator detection are and then we will go through some bypass techniques for these.

What is root detection?

To understand root detection, let us first understand what rooting is. Rooting is the…


Docker socket is a UNIX socket that acts as a backbone for managing your containers. When you type any Docker commands using your doctor client, your Docker client basically interacts with this Docker socket and manages your containers.

When you download Docker images from the Docker Hub and when you start containers using those images, the developer of the image may ask you to mount /var/run/docker.sock into the container. This may be required for some legitimate reasons, but we should be aware of the dangers that this feature brings with it.

Some of the legitimate reasons could be, you are…

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